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Corporate philosophy for sustainable development

Obtained IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, QC080000 and other management system certifications

Company Culture

  • Company Vision
    Today's followers, tomorrow's leaders, let the world know what I do.
  • Corporate Responsibility And Mission
    Create value for customers, build a stage for life success for employees, and make due contributions to society.
  • Company Values
    Establish the foundation of the company with excellent quality and win the hearts of the people with high-quality services.
  • Mission Of The Company
    Quality first, safety first, customer first, talent first.
  • Code Of Work Conduct
    "Four" is the requirement for all actions: all actions have standards, all actions are recorded, all actions can be monitored, and all actions can be traced.
    "Four" is a requirement for all kinds of problems: like grasping safety work, "four not letting go" is implemented, that is, the cause analysis of the accident is unclear and let go, the responsible person is not punished and not let go, and the employee is not given education However, we have not let go of corrective and preventive measures and improvement measures.
    "One" is a clearly pursued goal: first-class talent, first-class technology, first-class products, and first-class management.
    "Nine" is to strengthen the education of sense of responsibility, requiring all employees to establish a "one point of technology, nine points of responsibility" consciousness, emphasizing hard work.
Customer Hotline
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