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Corporate philosophy for sustainable development

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Talent concept

1Talent Concept

Talent is the creator of company value and shareholder value. It is an important component of the company's core competitiveness and the first driving force for the company's scientific development. Our talent concept is "respect, hard work, growth, and win-win".
◆ Respect: We provide employees with an inclusive and competitive working environment, respect the individual demands of employees, reuse the outstanding, cultivate the potential, and care for employees who are loyal to the company.
◆ Hard work: We appreciate the hard-working and demonstrable employees, encourage employees who find problems and provide suggestions, and recognize employees who are innovative and put into practice.
◆ Growth: We plan challenging work for employees, provide a dual-track development path that combines professional sequences and management sequences, and encourage employees to continue to surpass themselves, so that all types of talents can be used appropriately, when they are, and when they can.
◆ Win-win: We advocate a win-win concept of sharing business results, motivate advanced and motivate backward, create a win-win situation for individuals, companies, shareholders and society, and achieve harmonious development of individuals and organizations.

2Talent Development

The company attaches great importance to the career planning of employees, implements full-training, establishes a learning team, and formulates and provides multi-level and multi-faceted training for employees, including newcomer induction training, business management training, external inspections, interviews, etc. The comprehensive quality and business ability of employees. Through various trainings, it promotes the improvement of the personal value of employees and the improvement of the company's vitality and corporate competitiveness. The company provides an excellent environment for talent growth and development.

3Talent Introduction

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