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Announcement of Environmental Impact Assessment for the Technical Renovation Project of Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Material Production Equipment and Supporting Equipment Facilities

The environmental impact assessment work for the "Ningbo Yuanchen New Materials Co., Ltd. Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Material Production Device and Supporting Equipment Facility Technical Transformation Project" has been basically completed. According to the requirements of the "Interim Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment", environmental information is released to the public to solicit public opinions.
1、 Overview of construction projects
(1) Project Name: Ningbo Yuanchen New Materials Co., Ltd. Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Material Production Device and Supporting Equipment and Facilities Technical Renovation Project
(2) Construction nature: Technical renovation
(3) Total investment of the project: 36 million yuan
(4) Construction address: No. 83 Nanhu Road, Daxie Development Zone, Ningbo City
(5) Main construction content and scale: The electroplating workshop of the 5 # factory building in the factory area will be renovated. The factory building now has one floor and a floor height of 8m. This technical renovation mainly involves the overhead renovation of the electroplating workshop, which will be divided into two floors. The first floor will be 2.4m high and will be used as a warehouse after the renovation. The second floor will be 5.6m high and will be used as an electroplating workshop after the renovation. Six electroplating lines and a stripping workshop will be set up in the workshop. The northwest side frame of the first floor of Building 5 has a height of 0.8m and a new phosphate electrophoresis line has been built. The total investment is 36 million yuan. After the project is completed, the production capacity of sintered neodymium iron boron will increase from the original approved 2000t/a to 2150t/a.
(6) Main equipment: 6 electroplating production lines, 1 electrophoresis line, 6 fully automatic magnetic field forming presses, 1 automatic forming static press, 2 vacuum sintering furnaces, and other production equipment for neodymium iron boron.
2、 Distribution of main environmentally sensitive targets within the scope of environmental impact assessment
The main environmental protection objectives of this project are shown in Table 1.
3、 Overview of the main conclusions of environmental impact assessment
1. Emissions from major pollution sources
(1) The main pollutants in the waste gas of this project are the electroplating line process waste gas, electrophoresis drying waste gas, and adhesive waste gas.
(2) The wastewater of this project mainly includes initial rainwater, electrophoresis line wastewater, electroplating wastewater, etc.
(3) The solid waste of this project mainly includes waste chemical containers, waste filter cartridges, waste resins, sludge, anode residues, scrapped parts, plating tank slag, etc.
(4) The main noise source of this project is the mechanical noise generated during the operation of various pumps and production lines.
The pollution source intensity is shown in Table 2.
2、 Countermeasures and measures to prevent or mitigate adverse environmental impacts
Please refer to Table 3 for details:
3. Overview of the potential impact of construction projects on the environment
(1) According to the prediction results of atmospheric environmental impact, the maximum ground concentration ratio of the main pollution factors of this project, such as hydrogen chloride, nitrogen oxides, and non methane total hydrocarbons of hydrocyanic acid, to the standard limit values.
(2) The comprehensive wastewater, copper containing wastewater, nickel containing wastewater, chromium containing wastewater, and cyanide containing wastewater from this project will be separated and divided into electroplating wastewater treatment facilities for 50% reuse. The discharge of heavy metals such as total chromium, hexavalent chromium, total nickel, total copper, and total zinc in the discharged wastewater pollutants will comply with the "Table 3 Limits" in the "Electroplating Pollutant Discharge Standards", and ammonia nitrogen The total phosphorus shall comply with the "Indirect Emission Limits for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pollutants in Industrial Enterprise Wastewater" (DB33/887-2013), and the discharge of other pollutants such as COD and total nitrogen shall comply with the discharge standards; Electrophoresis wastewater, vibration grinding chamfering wastewater, and other wastewater are treated in other (non electroplating) wastewater treatment systems. After treatment, they meet the third level standard in the "Comprehensive Wastewater Discharge Standard" (GB8978-1996) and are discharged into the pipeline. Finally, they are treated by the Xiexi Wastewater Treatment Plant to meet the first level A standard in the "Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant Pollutant Discharge Standard" (GB18918-2002) and discharged into the sea, with little impact on the surrounding water environment.
(3) According to the prediction, the factory boundary noise of this project can meet the emission standards and has little impact on the surrounding acoustic environment.
(4) After harmless disposal and reasonable utilization of solid waste in this project, it can meet the relevant regulatory requirements and has a relatively small impact on the environment.
4. Main conclusions of the Environmental impact statement
(1) The construction of this project complies with national industrial policies and relevant plans, conforms to the principle of clean production, and meets the requirements of environmental functional zoning.
(2) Effective prevention and control measures have been taken for the pollutants generated during the production process of this project, which can meet the discharge standards and maintain the current environmental quality in the surrounding area.
(3) The process technology used in this project is mature and reliable, with appropriate and feasible environmental protection measures, and a high level of clean production.
(4) This project has good environmental and social benefits.
Overall, the implementation of the project is feasible from an environmental perspective.
4、 Main matters for soliciting public opinion
Main solicitation content: 1) Satisfaction with the environmental quality of the project location; 2) Considering the main environmental issues in the region; 3) The level of understanding of this project; 4) Satisfaction with the environmental reputation of the construction unit; 5) The most concerned environmental issues for the construction of this project; 6) What is the impact of the implementation of this project on the surrounding residential and living environment; 7) If the pollutant emissions and environmental impact of this project can meet relevant national standards and regulations, the attitude towards this project, as well as specific opinions and suggestions; 8) Other opinions and suggestions, etc.
Scope of solicitation: Enterprises, institutions, and individuals within the scope of project evaluation.
5、 How the public provides opinions
Within ten working days from the date of the announcement, the public may express their opinions on the environmental protection aspects of the project to the construction unit, environmental assessment unit, and environmental protection regulatory department through letters, emails, phone calls, or direct visits.
6、 Contact information of relevant units
(1) Construction unit: Ningbo Yuanchen New Materials Co., Ltd
Contact address: No. 83 Nanhu Road, Daxie Development Zone, Ningbo City
Contact person: Zhang Wenjun Contact phone number: 18069233683
(2) Environmental Impact Assessment Unit: Zhejiang Renxin Environmental Science Institute Co., Ltd
Contact address: 149 Ketai Road, Haishu District, Ningbo City.
Contact person: Chen Keke, Tel: 15728041277
(3) Project Approval Department: Ningbo Environmental Protection Bureau
Contact address: 545 Liuting Street, Ningbo City, contact phone number: 87158048
6、 Starting and ending times for public opinions
September 27, 2020 to October 15, 2020.
Announcement issued by: Ningbo Yuanchen New Materials Co., Ltd
September 27, 2020
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